Prophet and the Blood March Book Two of the Prophet of ConFree Series

See the future, and see the past, and see the truth. Read the mind of man. Follow the road of faith and protect the innocent and fight all evil.

A desperate telepathic plea floats aimlessly through Dimension X — any thinking being, help. The Dead are coming. As a huge asteroid abruptly leaves its orbit, heading for a cataclysmic collision with Earth, the young prophets of Delta Research strive to determine who altered the course.

Delta is soon on a perilous peacemaking mission to a mysterious planet where enemy Mocains and alien Brights are poised on the brink of galactic war. The prophets attempt to deal with the consequences of their talents as ConFree is drawn closer and closer to the final struggle between the titanic forces of light and darkness. But questions arise:

Can you really change the future? Certainly — but will the result be what you expect? Is it really treason if you die for love? And is it really suicide if you die for your squadies? And what is the real mission?

Bees says to put yourself in the hands of God. The Prof says to do the right thing. Prophet accepts his own death. He knows the Blood March will consume them all.

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The cover image of V838 Monocerotis is credited to NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage Team — STSCI/AURA, with permission.