Galactic Whispers

Are you unsure about the difference between an Assidic, a Cyrillian, and a Mocain? Do you wonder why Legion troopers are always drinking dox, and what it is? Is Legion terminology confusing? Do you understand the difference between a boot and a vachead? Between 'tenners' and 'twelve'? And what in the world is vac run red?

Answers to these questions and a lot more can be found here, in the directories below. The author has pulled together some of his reference material to assist the reader. He knows the reader may need assistance because the author himself sometimes needs assistance sorting out the detailed, extensive information he created over many years as the backdrop for the Soldier of the Legion and Prophet of ConFree series.

In Galactic Whispers, you will find information on:

Dear Readers, it is suggested that if you have not yet finished reading the Soldier of the Legion series, please do not read the Historical Commentary document above. It covers the time period of the Soldier of the Legion series, and is best read after you have completed the series. I post it here because it contains background info that may be useful for readers of the Prophet of ConFree series.