Welcome to the new combined Soldier of the Legion and Prophet of ConFree series website.

Enlist in the ConFree Legion for a wild ride into the far future.  Stand by your squadies in the Outvac at the gateway to the stars and learn to trust no mortal man, but only the mark of the Legion.  Support and defend the people of the Confederation of Free Worlds against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  Embrace what the Legion offers - immortality and death. 

Whether you are searching for the Soldier of the Legion website or the Prophet of ConFree website, you've come to the right place. The author has combined these two websites for convenience so all series information is now in one website. New readers continue to discover the Soldier of the Legion series, and those who have concluded that series are moving on to the new Prophet of ConFree series. Please see the short series descriptions below and then click on the book covers for more information on each series. Happy reading!


The Soldier of the Legion Series

Soldier of the Legion is a six-book action-adventure science fiction series that follows Legion trooper Thinker's adventures in the service of the people of ConFree. The ConFree Legion offers both immortality and death, and Legion soldiers know the mission is not over until they are killed in action. Titles in the series include Soldier of the Legion, March of the Legion, Slave of the Legion, Secret of the Legion, Cross of the Legion and Curse of the Legion. Please click on the book above to learn more about the Soldier series.

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The Prophet of ConFree Series

The new series begins fifty years after the last events outlined in Curse of the Legion. A new generation of recruits has walked through the Legion Gate. Formidable new challenges face the ConFree Legion, but the mission does not change: defend the women and children of the Confederation of Free Worlds from everything that would threaten them. Titles in the series include Prophet of ConFree, Prophet and the Blood March, Prophet and the Eye, Prophet and the Creature from Eternity, Prophet and the Fields of Glory, and Prophet and Deadman's Dogs. Please click on the book above to learn more about the Prophet series.

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