If you are an author who is looking for a publishing solution, I can recommend BookLocker without qualification. BookLocker is an honest, low-cost alternative to traditional publishing and they have the highest rating of all the self-publishing companies. They produce the highest quality work, both paperback and e-books, they are very author friendly and will work closely with you to publish your book. They answer e-mails in one or two days, unlike other publishers where you can go months without anyone anwering your urgent e-mails. With BookLocker you retain all rights to your work and you have 24/7 online access to sales and royalty information, total transparency. Plus they're very nice people.

I've been working with BookLocker on and off for years and have never had cause to complain. I've recently entrusted them with my new series, Prophet of ConFree.

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Nancy Mehl

Nancy Mehl was my writing guru in the late '90's when we were both unpublished writers trying to improve our writing and get published.  We ultimately succeeded.  Nancy is now a well-known author of faith, romance, suspense and mystery stories.  I am a science fiction author.  I've written ten novels but Nancy is ahead of me with seventeen books, last I checked.

Here is her website; please look it over.  I've read several of her books and she is a first-class writer: .


Tony Ruggiero

What would happen if the U.S. military recruited a gang of vampires to conduct special operations? What if that last used car dealer you dealt with really was Satan? And would you be surprised if a classified ad specified 'no humans need apply'? My good buddy Tony Ruggiero deals with all these questions and more with wit and humor and his short stories and novels are well worth investigating. Tony is a sci-fi-fantasy-horror kind of guy and we often can be found sipping coffee together at science fiction & fantasy conventions. Here is his website — please take a look: