News - 2015 and earlier

30 December 2015

Dear Readers:

Five of the PDF documents in the Prophet of ConFree Galactic Whispers page have been updated to reflect new information in  Prophet and the Creature from Eternity.  Please see Oath of Enlistment,  Empires, Slave States and Free States, Selected Military Units, Principal Worlds, Species, Subspecies, Aliens and Spirits.

24 December 2015

Dear Readers:

Good news!  Book Four of the Prophet of ConFree series is now in print!  Please see the new book page, Prophet and the Creature from Eternity, on this website.  At present you can obtain paperback or e-book downloads from the publisher, Booklocker, and Amazon.  Barnes and Noble, iTunes and Kobo will soon be featuring book and downloads as well.  Prophet and the Creature from Eternity is a fast-paced sci-fi adventure and I'm sure my readers will enjoy it.  I had a great time writing it!  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all!


18 December 2015

Dear Readers:

I promised Book 4 of the Prophet of ConFree series would be ready for sale by December.  We're almost there!  The book is at the publisher and the publication process is underway.  As soon as the book becomes available from the publisher, I will update this website to add the new pages and info.  Meantime time is rushing past and I hope we have something to sell before Christmas is upon us.  If you like this series I'm sure you will love Book 4 - Prophet and the Creature from Eternity.

More later! 

11 November 2015

Dear Readers:

The entire Soldier of the Legion, Book One, audiobook is now available online at SoundCloud for your listening pleasure. Please go to the Soldier of the Legion, Book One page on this website to listen to the first episode, or go to the Audiobook link above. This is an amazing full cast, unabridged nine hours of audio action and drama produced by Timberwolf Press, my first publisher. They are no longer in business but they sure made one terrific audio presentation. Listen to the whole nine hours for free, and if you decide you want to purchase a download or MP3 CD, please see the Purchase page of this website.


I'd appreciate any comments you may have on the audio. Please email

12 September 2015

Dear Readers:

Free Books!

The author is always appreciative of insightful reader comments that may be of interest to other potential readers trying to decide whether they should purchase a book in the Soldier of the Legion or Prophet of ConFree series.  If you are willing to write a short review of any of my books, or on either series, or just comment on the website, please feel free to contact me at

I am looking for honest reviews, just a few short paragraphs, and constructive criticism will be welcome.  Please add that it's OK for me to put your comments on the website.  You may specify whatever name, pen name or alias you'd like me to use for you on the website.  If I do use your comments on the site I will send you a free autographed copy of whichever book you'd like.  

Regards to all - ConFree rules!


1 August 2015

The two websites for the Soldier of the Legion and Prophet of ConFree series have now been combined into one website — and you're looking at it. This makes it easier for everyone who is interested in  both series to find what they want without having to switch from website to website. The author welcomes comments from viewers on the new combined website.

1 August 2015

Yes, more stories are coming up. Prophet Book 4 is now written and is in the editing process.  It should become available for sale in late 2015. This is a terrific story! Stay tuned!

27 November 2014

Are you unsure about the difference between an Assidic, a Cyrillian and a Mocain? Do you wonder why Legion troopers are always drinking dox, and what it is? Is Legion terminology confusing?  Do you understand the difference between a boot and a vachead? Between 'tenners' and 'twelve'? And what in the world is vac run red? Answers to these questions and a lot more can be found in our new Prophet of ConFree site page, Galactic Whispers. Please take a look to learn more.

17 November 2014

At last! After many frustrating delays, Prophet and the Eye is launched, and is now available for purchase. I am overjoyed that we are finally here. I believe my readers will enjoy this new volume, Book 3 of the Prophet of ConFree series. I had a wonderful time writing it, and I hope you have a good time reading it. Please see the menu above, under 'The Eye' for a quick look at the book, and see 'Purchase' for many different choices on buying the book.

My thanks to all my readers. You are the reason I continue writing this series. I appreciate all your kind comments on the series.

29 January 2014 — Thanks to my Readers

I wish to thank my readers for their continued interest in the Soldier series. Sales on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook and Kobo are steady, and I continue to get e-mail compliments from new readers who have discovered the series and enjoy it. Those comments keep me motivated. If you have read through the Soldier series and are looking for new reading, please look over the Prophet of ConFree series in this website.

29 January 2014 — News from Hollywood

After quite an effort, unexpected developments have forced my movie producer to cease his efforts to make a movie based on my first novel Soldier of the Legion. He said he remains interested, but until the situation changes for the better he cannot continue the project at this time. Should the situation improve, we may be able to resume our efforts to make the movie. I'll post any new developments on the website.

22 November 2013 — Bundled by

I'm excited to announce that my book Soldier of the Legion will be offered for a limited time as part of the Audio Book Bundle. Download a hand-picked collection of 8 absorbing sci-fi audiobooks for only $19.99 from now until December 4:

Included Audiobooks:
The Kinglsayer by L. Ron Hubbard
Battletech: Wolves on the Border by Robert N. Charrette
Navy Seals by Mike Murray
The Thing On the Doorstep by H.P. Lovecraft
Chronology Protection Case by Paul Levinson
Battletch: Lethal Heritage by Michael A. Stackpole
John Carter in A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Soldier of the Legion by Marshall S. Thomas

20 June 2013 — Softcover Books Available

As of today, all six books of the Soldier series are now available for ordering on-line as paperback books under the author's imprint. This means that when you order a hard copy (trade paperback) from Amazon or Barnes & Noble or other source what you will get is the latest 'indie' version of the book.

20 January 2013 — MarsCon

I attended Marscon from 18 to 20 January at the Crowne Plaze Hotel Williamsburg. Marscon is a very fun sci-fi and fantasy and gamers convention that happens yearly in my adopted home town of Williamsburg, VA. This time it was very crowded and very fun! It seemed like everyone was happy and excited and having a great time with old friends and everybody was smiling. I hadn't seen so many smiles in a long time. I had my Soldier of the Legion series on display as usual but this was also the launching of my new Prophet of ConFree series and the first book was being snapped up mostly by people who had read the Soldier series and liked it. Thanks to all who bought books.

Highlights From 2012

Probably the hottest news item from from 2012 was the plan to make a movie based on Soldier of the Legion, the first book of the series. Unfortunately these plans fell through in 2014 (see the article above). Just for historical interest, here is an article that appeared in 2012 in Williamsburg's hometown newspaper the Virginia Gazette.