15 May 2019

FYI, my new sci-fi novel is all written and is now being edited.  This story is entitled Seeker and the Pathways of the Gods.  It is a continuation of the story of ConFree and the ConFree Legion.  Eighty years after the events described in Prophet and Deadman's Dogs, ConFree is over-run by enemies both foreign and domestic. The future looks hopeless for the people of ConFree.  But the Legion is not quite dead.

If you enjoyed the Soldier series and the Prophet series you should enjoy this action-packed sequel.  I don’t yet know if this will be a singleton, or the first book in a new series.  It will probably depend on reader response.  But so far I have found it difficult to stop writing. 

I love this story!  Editing and publication may take  a few more months.   Please be patient.  Keep an eye on this website  for more news.   

 Regards, Marshall  

9 April 2019

FYI, I have finished writing my latest SF novel. So far it’s a singleton. I may turn it into a series if I detect interest from my fans. The title: Seeker and the Pathways of the Gods. I really love this one. We must edit it for a month or so before publishing it. I’ll keep you informed.

Also FYI, I cannot help but mention some heavenly music that I listen to when writing. If you want to hear the music of the Gods, buy anything by Two Steps from Hell, or Audiomachine. They will blow you away. Or at least they blow me away. This is not an ad, I just want you to know what my brain is listening to when I write these stories. They have lots and lots of albums on line. Buy anything.

Best regards, Marshall

25 January 2019

Please see the two new Legion recruitment posters in the Prophet Gallery. I think those are pretty neat.

For your info, I am still writing my latest book and am now up to page 300. This is fun! I was recently taking a break and saw a 2019 calendar. Twelve months, like most years. It occurred to me that I had written twelve books, and that led to the Soldier of the Legion - Prophet of ConFree wall calendar, with one book cover for each month. It’s a beautiful calendar, 11 x 17 inches when hung on a wall. Please see the pix below. If any readers out there wish to purchase this calendar, please contact me at The cost will be $20, either send me a check or pay via PayPal. I’ll need your address to mail the calendar.


17 September 2018

For those who may be interested, I am once again writing. I do not yet know if the new story is going to be a single book or the first in a new series. So far I’ve written 160 pages, twelve chapters. As always I am taking my time and am in no particular rush to finish it. I’m just noting this in case anyone is wondering whether or not there will be more stories. There will.

Best regards, Marshall

17 March 2018

With the Prophet series complete, I have some time for reflection.  The galaxy I created for the Soldier and Prophet series is so detailed and extensive that I need special indexes to keep track of things as I am writing, one index for each book.  I thought my readers might be amused at the following statistics.  In my most recent book, Prophet and Deadman's Dogs, I have:

·      96 named characters (and many un-named characters)

·      63 sites (places, worlds, cities, areas)

·      41 weapons or weapons systems

·      60 organizations (mostly military and political)

·      12 named starships & shuttles

·      18 different peoples/nations/races (humans, Brights, Biogens, O's, cyborgs, AI's etc).

However my stories are not about statistics, but about people who step out of their comfort zones to accomplish wonderful things.  If you enjoyed Prophet and Deadman's Dogs,  please take a moment to drop me an e-mail and let me know.  Thanks!


23 January 2018

Attention all ConFree nationals: With the publishing of Prophet and Deadman's Dogs, the six book Prophet of ConFree series is now complete.  I very much enjoyed writing this story and I hope my readers will enjoy the read.  If so please inform your friends and ask them to take a look at the series.  Please let me know your thoughts on Book Six after you read it.  I am always anxious for constructive feedback.

I wish my readers best regards.  For the immediate future I will be improving the website and trying to develop more publicity for the Prophet series.

23 January 2018

Attention all ConFree nationals: We have recently updated some images on the website.  Please take a look!

8 December 2017

Attention all ConFree nationals: The e-books for Prophet and Deadman's Dogs are now available for purchase from Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo. Please see the Purchase page for details. Thank you!

19 November 2017

Galactic Information
Office of the Director


FLASH! Unclassified Q-link Bulletin. To all ConFree nationals. Book Six of the Prophet of ConFree series, Prophet and Deadman's Dogs, is currently in print with paperback and e-books available from the publisher BookLocker for sale. The books and e-books from Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iTunes will show up online in a few weeks.

Rest assured that Galactic Information will notify everyone via the website when books and e-books are available from these other sources. If you want an e-book NOW NOW NOW, please go to the Purchase page and click on BookLocker to download their e-book. Enjoy!

4 October 2017

Attention all ConFree nationals: FYI, Book Six of the Prophet of ConFree series has just been sent to the publisher. The publishing process normally takes about a month to produce the book, and then you get to wait a few more weeks before the e-book versions come online. The ConFree Legion will alert the entire Crista Cluster when the book or e-book versions become available.

The new title is Prophet and Deadman's Dogs. This is the final book of the Prophet series. Please keep an eye on the website for developments. I thank my readers for their interest and I believe you are going to love this volume.

Bleed for ConFree, and ConFree will bleed for you!

20 July 2017

Good news!  I have finished writing Book 6 of the Prophet series.  That was fun!  I have done the first draft edit and sent it on to my professional editor.  The editing may take a few months to complete.  After that it goes to the publisher - maybe another month.  I'm pretty excited.  I believe this is a terrific story.  I will keep everyone informed of progress towards publication.   Best regards to all! 

8 June 2017

Time rolls on, and my readers have not heard from me for some time.   So here's some reassurance.  I've been busy – very busy – writing.  I'm writing the last volume in the Prophet series.  This is a wild one.  This is quite an adventure.  Do you know what it's like for the author, when I'm writing the story?  I'm right there, with the characters, every line, every new development.  I'm not just writing the story, I'm experiencing it.  I'm side by side with my characters.   They are all old comrades by now, my squadies, and we are marching into the dark together, to see what's out there.  And sometimes even I do not know what will be coming at us.

I am on the last part of the story – the last several chapters.  I'm loving every moment of this story and I am in no rush to finish it.  My target date will be late 2017.  I expect to finish writing it in the third quarter of the year but editing and publishing takes months more, so late 2017 is a realistic date.  If we finish it early, good.  I'll let you know.

I'm sure all my readers will love this conclusion to the series. It rocks!

12 January 2017

So there I was getting all set to take a little break after writing, editing and publishing Book Five of the Prophet series (which took a year) and one of my readers tells me he can hardly wait for Book Six.  And he adds "Now get writing!!!!"  OK, OK, I will do that.  I have already begun writing Book Six and the first chapter is done.  Fortunately I love writing so this is not a problem.  With luck, the new book will be ready in late 2017 or early 2018.  Regards to all.   

11 January 2017

GENERAL QUARTERS! GENERAL QUARTERS! ALL HANDS MAN YOUR BATTLE STATIONS!  The captain has just been informed that the e-book version of Prophet and the Fields of Glory is now available on Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, Apple iTunes, and Kobo, as well as Booklocker.  Please inform everyone you know about this terrific development - wives and husbands, good buddies, boy and girl friends, mistresses, significant others -  everyone who can read.  To purchase, please go to the PURCHASE page above.  And you thought I was kidding about e-book versions!

7 January 2017

For those of you who are wondering when the e-book versions of Prophet and the Fields of Glory are going to be showing up on line, that's a good question.  I asked my publisher today and was told that Kindle, Nook, Kobo and iTunes are likely caught up in the Christmas/New Year's rush/backlog.  My publisher has submitted all the required documentation and there is nothing further she can do.  However don't forget there is an e-book version available from Booklocker if you want an e-book right now.  Click Purchase on the top menu.  I wish all my readers the best of fortune for 2017.

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