17 September 2018

For those who may be interested, I am once again writing. I do not yet know if the new story is going to be a single book or the first in a new series. So far I’ve written 160 pages, twelve chapters. As always I am taking my time and am in no particular rush to finish it. I’m just noting this in case anyone is wondering whether or not there will be more stories. There will.

Best regards, Marshall

17 March 2018

With the Prophet series complete, I have some time for reflection.  The galaxy I created for the Soldier and Prophet series is so detailed and extensive that I need special indexes to keep track of things as I am writing, one index for each book.  I thought my readers might be amused at the following statistics.  In my most recent book, Prophet and Deadman's Dogs, I have:

·      96 named characters (and many un-named characters)

·      63 sites (places, worlds, cities, areas)

·      41 weapons or weapons systems

·      60 organizations (mostly military and political)

·      12 named starships & shuttles

·      18 different peoples/nations/races (humans, Brights, Biogens, O's, cyborgs, AI's etc).

However my stories are not about statistics, but about people who step out of their comfort zones to accomplish wonderful things.  If you enjoyed Prophet and Deadman's Dogs,  please take a moment to drop me an e-mail and let me know.  Thanks!


23 January 2018

Attention all ConFree nationals: With the publishing of Prophet and Deadman's Dogs, the six book Prophet of ConFree series is now complete.  I very much enjoyed writing this story and I hope my readers will enjoy the read.  If so please inform your friends and ask them to take a look at the series.  Please let me know your thoughts on Book Six after you read it.  I am always anxious for constructive feedback.

I wish my readers best regards.  For the immediate future I will be improving the website and trying to develop more publicity for the Prophet series.

23 January 2018

Attention all ConFree nationals: We have recently updated some images on the website.  Please take a look!

8 December 2017

Attention all ConFree nationals: The e-books for Prophet and Deadman's Dogs are now available for purchase from Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and Kobo. Please see the Purchase page for details. Thank you!

19 November 2017

Galactic Information
Office of the Director


FLASH! Unclassified Q-link Bulletin. To all ConFree nationals. Book Six of the Prophet of ConFree series, Prophet and Deadman's Dogs, is currently in print with paperback and e-books available from the publisher BookLocker for sale. The books and e-books from Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iTunes will show up online in a few weeks.

Rest assured that Galactic Information will notify everyone via the website when books and e-books are available from these other sources. If you want an e-book NOW NOW NOW, please go to the Purchase page and click on BookLocker to download their e-book. Enjoy!

4 October 2017

Attention all ConFree nationals: FYI, Book Six of the Prophet of ConFree series has just been sent to the publisher. The publishing process normally takes about a month to produce the book, and then you get to wait a few more weeks before the e-book versions come online. The ConFree Legion will alert the entire Crista Cluster when the book or e-book versions become available.

The new title is Prophet and Deadman's Dogs. This is the final book of the Prophet series. Please keep an eye on the website for developments. I thank my readers for their interest and I believe you are going to love this volume.

Bleed for ConFree, and ConFree will bleed for you!

20 July 2017

Good news!  I have finished writing Book 6 of the Prophet series.  That was fun!  I have done the first draft edit and sent it on to my professional editor.  The editing may take a few months to complete.  After that it goes to the publisher - maybe another month.  I'm pretty excited.  I believe this is a terrific story.  I will keep everyone informed of progress towards publication.   Best regards to all! 

8 June 2017

Time rolls on, and my readers have not heard from me for some time.   So here's some reassurance.  I've been busy – very busy – writing.  I'm writing the last volume in the Prophet series.  This is a wild one.  This is quite an adventure.  Do you know what it's like for the author, when I'm writing the story?  I'm right there, with the characters, every line, every new development.  I'm not just writing the story, I'm experiencing it.  I'm side by side with my characters.   They are all old comrades by now, my squadies, and we are marching into the dark together, to see what's out there.  And sometimes even I do not know what will be coming at us.

I am on the last part of the story – the last several chapters.  I'm loving every moment of this story and I am in no rush to finish it.  My target date will be late 2017.  I expect to finish writing it in the third quarter of the year but editing and publishing takes months more, so late 2017 is a realistic date.  If we finish it early, good.  I'll let you know.

I'm sure all my readers will love this conclusion to the series. It rocks!

12 January 2017

So there I was getting all set to take a little break after writing, editing and publishing Book Five of the Prophet series (which took a year) and one of my readers tells me he can hardly wait for Book Six.  And he adds "Now get writing!!!!"  OK, OK, I will do that.  I have already begun writing Book Six and the first chapter is done.  Fortunately I love writing so this is not a problem.  With luck, the new book will be ready in late 2017 or early 2018.  Regards to all.   

11 January 2017

GENERAL QUARTERS! GENERAL QUARTERS! ALL HANDS MAN YOUR BATTLE STATIONS!  The captain has just been informed that the e-book version of Prophet and the Fields of Glory is now available on Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, Apple iTunes, and Kobo, as well as Booklocker.  Please inform everyone you know about this terrific development - wives and husbands, good buddies, boy and girl friends, mistresses, significant others -  everyone who can read.  To purchase, please go to the PURCHASE page above.  And you thought I was kidding about e-book versions!

7 January 2017

For those of you who are wondering when the e-book versions of Prophet and the Fields of Glory are going to be showing up on line, that's a good question.  I asked my publisher today and was told that Kindle, Nook, Kobo and iTunes are likely caught up in the Christmas/New Year's rush/backlog.  My publisher has submitted all the required documentation and there is nothing further she can do.  However don't forget there is an e-book version available from Booklocker if you want an e-book right now.  Click Purchase on the top menu.  I wish all my readers the best of fortune for 2017.

 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas!  For the first reader review of Prophet and the Fields of Glory, please see the Fields of Glory page above, under Prophet.  

21 December 2016

AT LAST!   Book Five of the Prophet series, Prophet and the Fields of Glory, is now available for purchase.  Please go to the PURCHASE page of this website and click on the Booklocker choice for Fields of Glory, then choose if you want the book or e-book.  Other choices will soon be available and I will activate the links as soon as they appear:  Amazon, B&N, Kobo etc.  Please keep an eye on the PURCHASE page for updates.  I have ordered authors copies of the book and if I owe you a book I will mail it to you.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  Ha!  Even as I was writing this I discovered that the book version is now available on Amazon.  The e-book version will show up later.  Go to PURCHASE and click Amazon for Fields of Glory.  Good fortune for the new year!

13 December 2016

Greetings Earthlings!  You may be wondering why it is taking so long to publish my latest book.  It is entirely my fault, Sir, no excuses!  I started writing this book in January 2016 and was finished by early July.  I was taking my time to ensure I got everything right.  Editing followed and was concluded by mid-October.  Then the publishing process began.  I thought it was done by late November but a last minute screw-up caused me to stop the presses and begin the publishing process again.  It was a silly little screw-up, my fault, but I did not want it to show up in my book.   So, once again, Christmas is rushing at us and I am hoping my book will be published in December.  My last book was published in December 2015 so I'm averaging a book a year.  I'll notify everyone when the book is available!     

12 December 2016

I am updating the website to reflect the latest book, Prophet and the Fields of Glory.  This book is not quite ready to order yet, but as soon as it is I will complete the links to allow you to order from wherever you like.  Meantime please take a look at the book description.  I hope you will enjoy this book; I had a lot of fun writing it. 

20 November 2016

At last!  Publishing is done on my end.  Now I just have to wait for word that the book is available for purchase on BookLocker, and later on Kindle, Nook, Kobo etc.  I will now be updating the website.  When books are available for sale I will notify all.  Sorry this process is so lengthy but it can't be avoided.  Cheers!  

16 October 2016

Editing is over!  I have just sent Book Five of the Prophet series to my publisher.  It may take another month before Prophet and the Fields of Glory is on sale.   When that happens I will announce it on the website.  

4 July 2016

As an update, I have recently finished writing Book Five of the Prophet series, and have sent the draft to my editor.  Editing normally takes a few months and is a joint process between the author and the editor.  Upon completion of editing, the publication process may take another month.  Bottom line, the book should be available for purchase later this year.  I'll keep the readership informed of developments.  

3 March 2016

Reader BrightWord in Florida has produced a brilliant poem after reading Prophet and the Creature from Eternity. I really like this one and I reproduce it below with her permission.

From the Halls of Heaven to the Gates of Hell,
We Shall Serve — and We'll Serve Well

Heed me now, and heed me well;
  for how long we have, I cannot tell.

Prophet's last words ring oh so true,
  and they apply to me — and perhaps to you.

Multiple "realms" the books portray,
  from Heaven to Hell — through circuitous ways.

Non-generals meet — their next course to decide,
  seeking spiritual guidance dear Bees can provide.

To some who've never "walked the walk,"
  but seem quite adroit at "talking the talk,"
Bee's deepest sentiments contain
  a mandate that we who are they cannot constrain.

Like proverbial cowboys
  dying with boots still on,
We cannot help but continue —
  to strive and to carry on.

Age, we may — and our muscles may fail;
  but our hearts and minds will stay on the trail —
Until the last, and perhaps silent, shot is fired —
  and we too lie on the Legion's pyre.

On four-oh-nine, it reads "THE END";
  but a flip of the page revives the pen, as
The "Oath of Enlistment" in the Confree Legion
  is offered for all — in whatever region.

Unspoken is the key requirement — 
  that will likely not lead to "secure retirement":
 A heart that's willing, with pure intent,
  and a spirit determined, to pursue until spent.

"Commitment" is trite,
  and not nearly complete
To describe the deep loyalty
  with which the Oath is replete.

"Death" or "death" may seem to some
  to capture the essence of the Legion's beating drum.

But they would all have missed the essence:
  it's "Death with honor" or "death by sentence";
The crucial thing is not: "live or die";
  but, rather: "fight on to the end", and save lives thereby.

The price for the pledge to the Oath was paid
  with my body and blood, ere pen was to it laid.

Hand-to-hand as an option is now — 
   temporarily — off my court;
But, I've still more "tools," 
 that I can use — all for the Realm to thwart.

So on I'll go — and serve my best,
  in north, south, east, or even west;
The "me" you "know," you may not always "see";
  but my spirit will still 'round my comrades be.

I accepted the likely fate as foretold;
  and my choice, it was free-will.
So, face it, I will, and I believe
  I'll face it — and face it, bold.

"Please — Bring me in; I want out of the 'cold',"
   some have been heard to say;
But, soon their life turns strangely lonely, "out" —
  and oft, as night's sweet cover lifts —
They eschew the sun with its rays so bold!

But Bees and Prophet remind me
    of my heart's cry, so many days:
"Please — Bring me out — into the 'cold,'
   for that's where I need to be —
Nay! Bring me out — into the cold,"
  for that's where I need to stay."


13 February 2016

Wolf of the Legion has added more quotes from Soldier of the Legion on his blog Thanks so much, Wolf!  I had forgotten about many of those quotes but they are wonderful and brought back many happy memories from when I was writing the series.  It's great that you found so many memorable quotes!  Thanks for your interest in the series.


22 January 2016

My youngest son recently discovered an interesting blog on Tumblr that had quotes from the Soldier of the Legion series. This is a really cool blog, evidently posted by someone called Wolf of the Legion. Thanks, Wolf! I'm glad you like the Legion series. For my readers, the blog is:

1 January 2016

Welcome to the first posting of the Legion Tacmap FLASH, a new feature for readers of the Soldier of the Legion and the Prophet of ConFree science fiction series.  The Legion Tacmap is an interstellar  news site for the people of ConFree, written by veterans of the ConFree Legion.   Credentials:  Every one of our correspondents and journalists wears the combat cross and the blood badge.  We were all forged in battle, and many were seriously wounded.  Our editorial philosophy is a result of that experience.  We are extremists, who fly the flag of liberty, freedom, and eternal vigilance and oppose tyranny and slavery in all its forms.  We print the truth, without apology or compromise.  That is why we are hated by slave states throughout the galaxy. 

The FLASH is a new effort to reach out to anyone who is interested in the history and future of The ConFree Legion, the Confederation of Free Worlds and the two series that describe recent galactic historical events. 

This first issue of the FLASH contains a message from the Director General of ConFree, an updated new Legion Oath of Enlistment document, and a previously unpublished 16-page Character Study from the first book in the Soldier of the Legion series.  Please click below to activate these documents.  The character study will be filed for the record in the Galactic Primer page under the Soldier of the Legion series in this website.