Prophet of ConFree cover images by the Hubble Space Telescope, HubbleSite. Book Six by NASA. See book pages for credits.

Prophet of ConFree








to the Prophet of ConFree Series.

A Legion soldier died for you today. Support the war effort.

A new generation of recruits has walked through the Legion Gate. They are midschool kids, barely out of childhood. They become Squad Delta — new bodies for the thin black line. But the mission never changes: Defend the women and children of the Confederation of Free Worlds from everything that would threaten them.

Can they really change the future? Certainly — but will the result be what they expect? Is it really treason if you die for love? And is it really suicide if you die for your squadies? They know the Blood March will consume them all.

Can the Gods read the future? Maybe not, but Delta Research can, with a little help from Dimension X. But the secrets of the Eye are elusive, and ConFree's enemies are relentless and bloodthirsty.

Delta finds themselves in the grip of merciless demons, blood pledged to the Biogens and to a shape shifter from the edge of the galaxy who is poised to destroy mankind.

Stand down on the rescue mission? Delta's role is clear: Disregard the orders, liberate the hopeless and light up the world. Upon their return the Prof advises the war is starting and attendance is mandatory for all.

Kill your enemies, or they will kill you — advice from Bright Haven. Join Squad Delta as ancient enemies threaten the galaxy, and Squad Delta stands in the way. The enemy's motto is Victory or Death — but so is the Legion's.

In the ConFree Legion, we are not just along for the ride.
— Trooper Prophet, headed down the Magic Road
There are some things worth fighting for. And some things worth dying for.
— Trooper Prophet, facing his death