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Prophet of ConFree







Book VI coming in 2018!


to the Prophet of ConFree Series.

In the service of the women and children of ConFree.

Greetings and welcome to the ConFree Legion — or welcome back, if you are a veteran of the Soldier of the Legion series. I am the author of the six-book Soldier of the Legion sci-fi series, which attracted a lot of readers in 2011 when it was posted on Kindle. The Soldier series is concluded, but we now have a new series with new characters and new adventures. I love writing, and creating this new series is a labor of love.

For information on the five books of the new series, please click on the book covers above.  Please see the Purchase page for details, and please see the News page for info on the latest developments. Fun, fun, fun!

This website will expand as the new books become available. If you read and liked the Soldier series, I'm sure you will enjoy the Prophet series, as well.  You can expect more good reading and new adventures in years to come.

Happy reading! ConFree rules!


In the ConFree Legion, we are not just along for the ride.
— Trooper Prophet, headed down the Magic Road
There are some things worth fighting for. And some things worth dying for.
— Trooper Prophet, facing his death