All Soldier of the Legion cover art by Michael J. Sullivan

Soldier of the Legion









to the Soldier of the Legion series.

In the service of the women and children of ConFree.

They are just kids when they sign up for the ConFree Legion — just out of midschool. Ten raw recruits. Squad Beta — volunteers for whatever might come. They want to see the stars. They want to see the future.

Some will not survive the Black March. Immortality and death — that's what the Legion promises, and delivers.

I have burnt the Book of Laws, to serve the Deadman's Cause, as a Soldier of the Legion. That's in the oath of enlistment. Squad Beta will stand the night watch together, and fear no evil.

"Our mission against the O's is clear — victory or death. Failure means extinction for our species." Words of wisdom from Veltros Training Command.

"We don’t have medals. Your recognition comes when your name shows up on the Legion Monument to the Dead." Their squad leader tells them that.

Join Squad Beta, CAT 24, Second of the Ship, as they put their souls and bodies on the line for the people of the Confederation of Free Worlds.

You can buy the e-book versions of all books in the Soldier series from Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Kobo. Please see the Purchase page for details. My reason for writing this series was to create imaginative, escapist science fiction adventure stories with an overall positive message. I hope my new readers will enjoy these stories. I'm pleased with the past reader response as measured by sales, especially on Amazon Kindle. And I've always been happy with the number of personal messages I have received from readers who love the series. The mission is to spread happiness so if you enjoy the Soldier series — please tell your friends. And if you've finished with the series and want more, please check out my new series, Prophet of ConFree in this website.


We are starstuff, riding the milky sea of the cosmos into the icy mouth of eternity. Immortal for an instant, we rush into the infinite dark, lost and alone, and wink out forever, leaving not a trace of our passing.
— Last entry, recovered from the ashes of the personal journal of an unidentified Legion trooper killed in action in the Plague War
She cares nothing for politics, and knows nothing of history. She makes dinner for her children, and kisses them good night. And she is why we fight.
— Why we Fight, Duties of a Legion Trooper, Legion Handbook, 310 CGS